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When is a DOB work permit required?

Please refer to the attached document. We may want to set something similar up on our letterhead.

When is a sidewalk bridge required?

A sidewalk bridge is required when the sidewalk or public area is within a distance of half the height of the building regardless of whether a permit is required for the work. For example, a sidewalk bridge would be required when mortar repoinFng is being conducted and a sidewalk is 15’ away from a 50’ tall building. A sidewalk bridge would not be necessary when performing parapet replacement and there is a sidewalk 50’ away from a 90’ tall building.

Why do I need a building envelope consultant?

Building Envelope repair projects can be difficult since regulations and codes change so often. There are also numerous products developed each year so it’s important to keep on top of the latest materials that can offer solutions to complex waterproofing problems. Building Envelope Consultants navigate the industry every day and keep up to date on the latest trends. They offer expertise and knowledge to a niche industry that full service firms often don’t have. Building Envelope Consultants ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible and the right one may even be able to anticipate problems on the project before they come up. They allow the Owner to be less involved in the day to day of the project.

Why is it so difficult to match the existing brick/mortar exactly?

The building’s age often creates challenges when trying to match brick and mortar colors exactly. For several reasons Sullivan Engineering typically recommends matching the color to what the building looked like new. This often means removing a brick and looking at the back side of it, or cleaning a secFon of the façade prior to matching brick and mortar colors. Even then the type of sand used to mix in the mortar can affect the color of the mortar. Although it maybe possible to get a very close match for the brick and mortar it is often a schedule and expense issue since the lead time is typically upwards of 8 weeks, and usually requires a minimum run of 30,000 bricks.

Is my building required to file a FISP report?

Any building greater than 6 stories is required to file a FISP report with the NYC DOB. The number of stories includes any exposed basement floors which would push a 6 story building into the category of having to file a report.

If it is by what date must it be filed?

You can determine which cycle you are in through the DOB now website or our website in the FISP secFon under projects on this site.

When do I have to perform the work listed on a FISP report?

Each FISP report will list deficiencies on the property as well as a timeframe in which the specific issue must be addressed.