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Picture of New York City from high rise building

As per the NYC DOB Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP), formerly Local Law 11 of 1998, a periodic facade inspection must be performed on all buildings within the five boroughs of New York City greater than six stories in height (or any individual wall(s) greater than six stories in height on otherwise exempt buildings.) These inspections must be accompanied by a report submitted to the Department of Buildings describing the building as safe, safe with a repair and maintenance program (SWARMP) or unsafe. All conditions observed must also be individually identified with the applicable classification. The report must also include a description of required repair work and a timeline for these repairs and must be signed by the building Owner and the Professional EngineerRegistered Architect responsible for the inspection.

The current filing requirements for the 8th cycle of NYC’s FISP have changed considerably since the culmination of the 6th cycle in 2007 as a result of Local Law 38 of 2007 which required the implementation of staggered inspection cycles. To avoid unnecessary delays and penalties only a qualified professional with vast knowledge of the new requirements as well as significant experience with filing these reports should be utilized.

The changes to FISP are identified in Section 32-03 of Title 1 of the Rules of the City of New York. In summary; section 32-03 Periodic Inspection of Exterior Walls and Appurtenances of Buildings amends the filing requirements by:


  • Requiring that the inspector be a Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector
  • Instituting staggered filing sub-cycles
  • Requiring additional detailed information for what is deemed an acceptable report

The staggered subcycles are defined as:

  • Subcycle A (02/21/15 – 02/21/17) for buildings with block numbers ending in 4, 5, 6 and 9
  • Subcycle B (02/21/16 – 02/21/18) for buildings with block numbers ending in 0, 7 and 8
  • Subcycle C (02/21/17 – 02/21/19) for buildings with block numbers ending in 1, 2 and 3
8th Cycle Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP) Filing Windows
Last Digit of Block Number
Sub-Cycle Start Date
Filing Deadline
4, 5, 6, 9
0, 7, 8
1, 2, 3

The required subcycle filing window for a particular building can be obtained by visiting NYC DOB’s Building Information System and entering the appropriate building address; the block number will be in the upper right hand corner of the property profile overview.

For building complexes with several block numbers under single ownership or management; the Owner can chose to file a separate report for each building during the individual buildings required subcycle or choose one of the applicable subcycles for any of the buildings in the complex and file a separate report for each building during that subcycle.

This information is provided as a courtesy to those reading it. Since this is an evolving ordinance please consult with the New York City Department of Buildings for updates or contact Sullivan Engineering, LLC.