Institutional Building Envelope Services

Ensure your building’s integrity for the long-term with professional institutional building envelope restoration management services from Sullivan Engineering. We provide you with the technical assistance required to ensure that the appropriate materials are combined with high-quality workmanship, to reduce the life cycle maintenance costs for your building over time.

Our Commercial Building Envelope Expertise

Sullivan Engineering delivers successful building envelope restoration projects by providing institutional property owners with the expertise to ensure the job gets done well and done right. Since many institutional buildings are historical, it’s important to contract with an engineering firm that’s experienced with nuanced designs and historic preservation services. With Sullivan Engineering, you get just that—a team of specialized engineers and project managers who know how to best restore your building.

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  • Roofing & Waterproofing
  • Leak Investigations
  • Facade Restoration
  • Building Envelope Surveys
  • Historic Preservation
  • Construction Administration
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  • Hospitals
  • Types of Commercial Buildings We Serve

    Sullivan Engineering has had the pleasure of working on many projects for churches, schools, colleges and hospitals. The often unique but strict scheduling requirements that come with institutional projects require the level of communication and proper planning that we offer. Our team understands that preparing an accurate budget well in advance is critical to an institution’s vitality.

    How We Work With You

    At the start of an institutional building envelope project, we set realistic scheduling expectations for all involved parties. Finding the right balance between avoiding business disruptions and allowing the project to progress as needed is dependent upon effective communication and proper planning.

    We establish appropriate lines of communication at the start of every project and adhere to them through the project’s completion. During weekly meetings, we attempt to identify critical events such as weddings or graduation ceremonies that will require the work schedule to be altered or stopped.

    “Sullivan Engineering was knowledgeable, professional and patient.“They made the project much easier than expected. Sullivan Engineering provided outstanding personnel and guidance throughout the whole project and was always available to answer any questions that arose during the project.”had our best interest in mind at all times.”

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