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Good communication is often the difference between successful completion of a contract and a project saddled with disputes. At Sullivan Engineering, we believe that honesty and full transparency create a cohesive project team (Owner, Engineer, Contractor, etc.) that will result in the best end product for the client.

Our construction administration services include:

  • Performing site visits to monitor the work in progress
  • Creating detailed field reports for each site visit
  • Conducting regular progress meetings
  • Generating thorough and accurate meeting minutes
  • Reviewing contractor’s payment requisitions
  • Ensuring all required warrantees are provided
  • Signing-off the project upon completion

Thorough field reports are typically provided to the Owner within two (2) business days of all site visits. Field reports include lists of all personnel on-site, descriptions and photographs of the work observed, summaries of all relevant conversations with the Owner and/or contractor, daily and cumulative punch lists as well as summaries of any pending contract changes with a description of any additional documentation required.

In addition to good communication within the project team, proper notification to those affected by the construction (i.e. residents, tenants & employees) is vital to a smooth project. At Sullivan Engineering we work with the contractor to forecast all disruptions to the building occupants, allowing the Owner ample time to make the proper notifications and accommodations.

Upon completion of the project; Sullivan Engineering will provide the Owner with a bound copy of all important project documentation including: signed copies of the original contract, any subsequent change orders, all necessary contact information for all parties involved, all manufacturer and contractor warrantees, a list of all materials used on the project and a copy of all permits and sign off documents. These documents can be utilized as a reference tool for current and future property managers. An electronic copy of all relevant documentation will also be included.

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