Our success on commercial building envelope projects has been directly related to our ability to provide thorough and detailed reports in a timely manner, our effective and efficient communication skills and our consistent ability to anticipate issues well in advance.

The unique challenges associated with commercial buildings often lie in the schedules of the occupants and following appropriate lines of communication. We will establish the proper liens of communication at the start of a project and strictly adhere to them. Additionally, at our weekly meetings, we will attempt to identify any critical events/meetings that require the work to be altered or stopped to allow the business to operate as unencumbered as possible with an exterior restoration project in progress.

Similar to residential projects, at the start of a commercial project, we attempt to set realistic expectations for all involved to ensure that the project schedule is not severely impacted and to prevent minor inconveniences. Finding the right balance between preventing disruptions to the business and allowing the project to progress as needed, is dependent on effective communication and proper planning.