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We are looking for an influential executive team member to join as the Integrator (Executive Vice President) of an EOS based growing organization. The Integrator is the 2nd in command and the glue of an organization. Providing cadence, driving P&L, executing business plans, providing organizational clarity, and is the filter for the Visionary’s ideas. The Integrator will be a leader who is operations focused, holds high accountability and can help navigate future growth. Who will contribute to an already established great culture and has worked through the obstacles that growth can present. This leader will be motivated by helping others and serve as a mentor to ambitious and strong future leaders of the Sullivan Engineering. An ambitious leader who is passionate about Entrepreneurial Operating Systems and will help continuing to establish this within the company culture.

As a member of our executive team and under the direction of the Visionary (President), the Integrator will lead and manage the vision and operations of the business. You will be working in tandem with the Visionary to anticipate industry trends, meet challenges head-on, and proactively evaluate our market and our competitors. This officer will improve efficiency, standardization, quality and overall operational agility to ensure sustainable growth and stay ahead of the competition. This leader is responsible for setting the operation’s strategic initiatives, measuring effectiveness, and holding the team accountable for success. Lead continuous growth year after year, through innovative solutions that are repeatable, scalable and cost-effective. Provide training opportunities to foster and grow our team to become future leaders.

The Opportunity

Leadership Team Member | Join Sullivan’s executive team and influence short and long-term goals and execution in our organization and beyond.

Strategy | Use your strategic skills and expertise to improve our overall performance to meet our business objectives.

Leadership | Lead our organization to meet and exceed our goals stated in our vision documents.

Culture | Add to a fantastic culture that we consider second to none. Build on this culture while also establishing higher accountability and clear expectations.

The Company

The underlying purpose in all that we do is “empower others to improve their quality of life”. Sullivan Engineering delivers a successful building envelope restoration project by providing the property owner with the technical assistance required to ensure that the appropriate materials are combined with high-quality workmanship. This reduces the overall life cycle maintenance costs for a facility by increasing the longevity of the building envelope and the repairs performed.

Internally, we assist each other by reinforcing our culture and core values to make sure that we are always surrounded by ethically minded people that are continuing to grow both personally and professionally. Externally, we assist the end users within the buildings we work on to have a safe, dry building with a long-range plan to effectively budget. The property managers that we deal with can count on Sullivan Engineering to alleviate much of the workload typically associated with a construction project and assist in preparing the Owners/Occupants both financially, emotionally and intellectually for the project. On a philanthropic level, we take a great deal of pride in our service to those in need through pro-bono projects, our paid days off to volunteer, and through the charities that we support including soup
kitchens, food pantries SSCCR in East Africa as well as the students whose tuition we fund in a school in Haiti.

On each project, our goal is to alleviate the workload of our clients throughout the  life of a project, allowing them to continue to concentrate on other priorities. Based on our client feedback, Sullivan Engineering stands out from the competition because of the practical solutions, quick turnaround time, and the consistently exceptional experience that our trustworthy and forward-thinking professionals provide

What the Role Entails

Measured Milestones:

  • 90 Days – Understand and buy in to EOS, our company and our processes. Don’t change anything but get an understanding and begin to establish trust within the organization.
  • 180 Days – Increase profit margins and drive accountability, have the Visionary out of the integrator seat, begin enhancements to the current system.
  • 270 Days – Fully incorporate into the culture and own the Integrator seat. Allow Brian to be removed from the day to day needs and reporting structure in finance and operations.
  • 365 Days – Have the Visionary taking 3 focus days per week and thinking fully on business development, culture and strategic initiatives of the company.

Projected Growth: Sullivan is on pace to become a $75 million dollar company by 2030. To do so, we will look to add additional offices, new divisions, and continue to build a culture of accountability. The Integrator will play a key role in helping lead and carry out the strategic objectives over the next 10 years.

Oversight: The Integrator will focus on resolving escalated internal issues, removing obstacles and deploying resources, overseeing multiple departments, help manage vendors and ensure processes are continuing to be updated and improved. The Integrator will also be the primary driver for the continued implementation of EOS.

Increase Profit Margins and Set Budgets: The integrator will work heavily with the Controller to understand the company’s current profit margin and find opportunities for growth. He or she will also help to set budgets for divisions within the company and hold them accountable to stated budgets.

Leadership and Mentoring: Acting as a sounding board to the leadership team the Integrator will work to help resolve issue and provide feedback for future growth opportunities. The Integrator will be a mentor to much of the leadership team providing one on one coaching sessions and helping grow them into their future roles. He or she will also establish a mentorship program throughout the company. He or she will also hold the leadership team accountable and provide quarterly performance reviews. Ideally the Integrator will have experience with a
larger organization or has witnessed substantial growth previously to help Sullivan’s leadership team navigate potential future issues.

Please contact Michael Frech at mfrech@sullivanengineeringllc.com if you are interested in joining our team.

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