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As of October 2021, the New York City Department of Buildings had updates on FISP. Here are the adopted amendments to the Rules of the City of New York regarding facade inspections.

These amendments:

      • Clarify the physical examination requirements for buildings that do not front a public right of way: If the building does not face a public right-of-way, physical examinations are to be performed at a representative sample of the facade elevations with a minimum of one examination per building.
      • Clarify how the number of stories is determined for facade inspections: This amendment pertains to all buildings with exterior walls as well as those constructed on sloped sites. It indicates that all buildings greater than six stories in height (including the basement but not the cellar) must be inspected regardless of the information in the Certificate of Occupancy.
      • Provide a way for owners who did not file a report in the previous cycle to file at any time in the next cycle: Starting in Cycle 10, owners who have their most recent status as “No Report Filed” may file a report before the start of their designated filing window provided that all civil penalties are paid at the time of filing.


For more critical information on these amendments, please read the Press Release by the New York City Department of Buildings.

For any other questions you may have pertaining to your building or the latest FISP updates, please speak to the team at Sullivan Engineering. Contact us today.

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