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By: Tom Khoudary empowers

L’Ecole de ChoixAs we forge ahead into the new year with heightened ambition and renewed motivation, it is important to look back and recognize our partners who were part of an unforgettable past year. Because of you, our valued clients, friends and family, talented contractors, and building envelope professionals, we were able to grow our team and continue to work with professionals that not only value the services we provide, but emulate our core values. Because of your unwavering support, Sullivan Engineering was able live its purpose, cause, and passion in 2020: “To empower others to improve their quality of life.”

We are truly humbled by the honors received in 2020, but paying our purpose forward to empower others and help improve their quality of life is our true motivation. And because of your support, Sullivan Engineering has been able to better achieve this by partnering with over 30 incredible charitable organizations, including a few that are closest to our heart:

  • Father English Food Pantry, Catholic Charities – Located in Paterson, NJ, the Father English Food Pantry has been the leading provider of serving those in need. What is unique about this food pantry is their custom “Shopping Points.” Based on the family size, visitors are allowed to shop for their needs/preferences, as anyone would in a commercial supermarket.
  • Greater Boston Foodbank – Founded in 1974, the GBFB provides over 61.8 million pounds of healthy food each year, feeding more than 142,000 people per month. Since its inception, the GBFB has established several distribution channels and partner agencies that include organizations such as food pantries, soup kitchens, meal programs, and senior centers.
  • The MS Foundation – This organization provides programs and supports networks for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis. We admire and applaud the industry professionals for their excelling accomplishments in research and advancements in treatment for this disease.
  • Covid Fund St. Luke Haiti – Founded during the Covid-19 pandemic, this organization is committed to maintaining employee stability and providing for families in need. Capacity and resources continue to cause major impact at local health care facilities, including the basics, such as hospital beds and equipment.
  • Pencils of Promise – PoP is a non-profit committed to building schools and increasing educational opportunities in developing countries. 250 million children lack basic reading writing skills around the world. To combat this alarming number, PoP invests in education to help reduce poverty and empower people to grow.
  • Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation – The Shalom Center aims to combat war by helping restore foundational infrastructure including hospitals, training programs, water sources, and schools. In the last couple of years, 64 school/educational development projects impacted over 11,000 boys and girls, 560 people became peace agents through peace education, and 106  peacebuilding workshops and programs were rolled out.
  • L’Ecole de Choix – L’Ecole de Choix provides students with the necessary resources to excel from an early age. Sullivan Engineering continues to sponsor students at L’Ecole de Choix, a high-quality education program for children in Haiti. The school offers access to certified teachers, a technology lab, textbooks, athletic programs, art classes, an on-site nurse, meals, working electricity, and clean water at the school.

As you can read in Brian Sullivan’s article, “Looking Forward”, our team is motivated to continue to help those around us, as well as to grow our partnerships. If you would like to learn more about these incredible organizations or Sullivan Engineering’s culture, please reach out to us. We value connections with like-minded professionals who share our purpose.



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