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By: Adam McManus

October 27, 2020

In years past, Sullivan Engineering posted a summary of the predictions from the Farmer’s Almanac as a general look-a-head for seasonal weather patterns. This publication has been around for about 200 years and has become a trusted source for farmers and the general population. The Almanac states that the 2nd week of February may prove to bring significant blizzard conditions along the coast from DC to Boston. The end of March is also expected to bring wintry snow conditions. So, get ready to count some snow flakes.

Please see details below for the Winter of 2020/2021, including December, January, February & March:


The Farmer’s Almanac forecasted cold with some snow and rain periods in the 1st week of December 2020, a major east coast storm in the 2nd and 3rd weeks, and rains near the coast and snow inland for the last two weeks of the month. Strong winds may be blowing during the last days of the year.


      The Almanac predicts fair but cold weather for the first couple of days with some     

      clouds moving in through the 2nd week. Heavy snowfall is expected in upstate

      New York and the rest of New England during the 3rd week; the temperatures are

      also anticipated to be cold. The last 2 weeks are expected to be cloudy and sunny

      with some wind gusts.


According to the Almanac, the 1st few days will be unusually mild with some thunder showers, then turning colder. An incoming storm is expected to bring much snowfall along the Mid-Atlantic coastal area into the 2nd week, with blizzard type conditions with multiple feet of accumulation. The 3rd and 4th weeks will be mixed with sun and clouds and the last few days are to be cold.

MARCH 2021:

According to the Almanac, the first few days may have clouds and some rain showers followed by windy conditions with significant precipitation for the end of the 1st week. In the end week, a storm along the coast is expected to bring more inclement weather and then become sunny at the end of the 2nd week. Fair weather is expected for the 3rd week and snow is to fall in the 4th week in the north and rains in the south. The last couple of days are expected to gradually clear out.

In summary, December is going to be an overall cold month extending into January 2021. Significant snows will be expected in February and March with some intermittent mild days as well as many weeks of cold temperatures. Pull down those shovels from storage and the snow blower if you have one. De-icing salts will be necessary to keep the walkways and driveways clear for the winter precipitation.

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