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By: Tom Khoudary

When you land on a firm’s “About Us” page, do you ever wonder what motivated them to go into business? Or how the firm developed its mission? At Sullivan Engineering, our mission was defined early on and we continue to make every business decision based on our purpose, cause and passion, “To empower others to improve their quality of life”.

We can attribute much of our growth to date based on our strong culture and strict adherence to our core values. As we are truly humbled by such honors mentioned in Brian Sullivan’s article “Looking Back”, these achievements don’t define who we are or why we continue to push one another to grow. It’s a result of our growth that we are able to empower others to improve their quality of life. In recent years, Sullivan Engineering has been able to better serve and improve the quality of others by supporting several incredible charitable organizations, two that are closest to our hearts are the the L’Ecole de Choix and the Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution.

One of the first programs Sullivan Engineering supported, and continues to work with, is the sponsoring of students at L’Ecole de Choix, a high-quality education program for children in Haiti. With 80% of the country living in poverty and education system ranked 177th out of 186 countries in public education, L’Ecole de Choix provides students with the necessary resources to excel from an early age. The school offers access to certified teachers, a technology lab, textbooks, athletic programs, art classes, an on-site nurse, meals, working electricity, and clean water. Their objective is to improve the state of the Haitian economy by focusing on leadership development through quality education. As of this year, we have been fortunate to sponsor 3 students at the school. Watching these bright individuals develop as future leaders of Haiti has been truly inspiring to our entire team. To meet some of our incredible students, check out a recent video from the school!


Sullivan Engineering has also partnered with the Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation whose missions is, “To work for a society free of physical violence and unjust social structures in Africa, while building peaceful and reconciled communities.”  Shalom Center’s goal is to help combat war by helping to restore its foundational infrastructure including hospitals, training programs, water sources and schools. As tribal conflicts plague eastern Africa, families are often displaced and as a result, faith, economic stability and cultures are fallen by the wayside. We are excited to share that in the last six years, the organization has educated 6,000 leaders and upgraded 124 schools. We are blessed to have teamed up with the Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and are encouraged by the program’s impact.

We also live out our mission by empowering one our greatest assets: our team. How do we empower each other at Sullivan Engineering? We push one another to take on additional challenges, pursue continuing education, check out a book from our recommended reading list and volunteer. Some of our recent team member headlines include:

  • In 2019, Senior Project Manager Joseph Czaszynski completed Engineering Leadership, a certificate program at Cornell University.
  • Associate Project Manager Rebecca Reilly volunteered at the Junior League and Salvadori Foundation
  • Michael Frech tackled the 30-mile bike trip around a traffic-free Manhattan to help support the MS foundation
  • Daniel Sammon volunteered at the New York- New Jersey Trail Conference to help repair trails at Sterling Park.
  • Principal Brian Sullivan is an adjunct professor at his alma mater, Manhattan College. Brian along with several members of the Sullivan Engineering team have been teaching a building envelope restoration course at the engineering school.
  • Sullivan Engineering publishes a monthly newsletter comprising of articles written by the entire team. The newsletter includes: I. Industry related articles so our clients can walk a mile in a building envelope consultant’s moccasins. II. A book review from our recommended reading list. III. A NYC restaurant review so you can make recommendations for your clients.

As you can see in Brian Sullivan’s article, “Looking Ahead”, our team is motivated to grow and continue to help serve those around us. If you would like to learn more about these incredible organizations, or Sullivan Engineering’s culture, please feel free to contact us. We love to connect with like-minded professionals that share in our core values and mission.

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