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By: Mike Frech

Education concept: Head With Lightbulb and New Skills on keyboard

Continuing education and the pursuit of personal improvement are 2 of the most important fundamental principles of our company’s culture. We understand that industry professionals must be constantly learning, as well as personally improving, to truly realize their full potential. We believe that the time and energy spent striving to simultaneously attain these goals is a necessary and extremely worthwhile effort.

Attending classes and seminars is often looked at as a necessary step to maintain a state license or an organizational designation. While this is true, there are a tremendous amount of building envelope restoration topics to choose from. Rather than taking a class on something already familiar just to satisfy a state or organization’s requirement, we encourage gaining credits in more innovative areas, especially new technology and new or updated products. Some recently introduced products were manufactured to specifically address issues and concerns expressed by both design professionals and contractors. New products allow for the creation of updated designs and can shed light on issues that design professionals were previously unaware of. Take that class on vapor transfer within a wall assembly rather than relearning the benefits of a highly reflective roof assembly for the 5th time. Becoming experts on new engineering studies and improved products helps us provide more innovative solutions and more thorough and comprehensive designs.

We also encourage our team members at Sullivan Engineering to read books and register for classes that will help them to achieve personal growth. Sometimes people know what motivates them, recognize where they can improve, and are aware of how to better themselves. Others might appreciate some direction or candid advice during a planning session or a quarterly review. Personal improvement topics can range from more business centric ones such as: “Personal Organizational Skills,” “The Best Way to Conduct a Meeting,” and “Learning to Master Public Speaking.” Other topics that deal more with individuals’ private lives might include: “How to Handle Work/Life Balance,”  “Personal Finance Strategies” and “The Best Way to Communicate with Your Kids.”  While these improvement strategies are broad in range, they can all lead to personal development and fulfillment.

In summary, a consistent thirst for knowledge and experience is something we look for when evaluating both potential new hires and our current team members. We have found that those who embrace lifelong learning, and strive to simultaneously achieve both professional and personal growth, usually thrive in the environment and culture that we have developed at Sullivan Engineering.

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