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Book written by: Gino Wickman / Review By: Michael Frech

There are literally thousands of business books available to entrepreneurs and new business owners. Most books talk in generalities and espouse theories on what it takes to succeed in business. The problem is, once the book is read, this information and these new ideas are also put back onto the bookshelf. All the energy, excitement and inspiration that you might have felt while reading never translate into actual business plan implementation.

Traction by Gino Wickman breaks that cycle. The book introduces the Entrepreneurial Operating System or EOS. This system provides detailed methods to address the key components of any business. It provides not only the methods, but also a breakdown of how they must be executed. With near military-like precision the book lays out what issues need to be addressed, how to resolve them, and how to move on to the next issue. From hiring and firing to accountability, the book addresses the very difficult decisions that must be made in any growing company. There are even approved consultants that will assist in implementing the EOS in your existing business. A colleague of mine who recently executed the processes outlined in the book stated, “More change and efficiencies had been accomplished in 3 meetings than in the last 23 years!” Read the book and see how the Entrepreneurial Operating System can provide a clear path to your company’s successful transformation.

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