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By: Brian Sullivan

As a visionary and dreamer, I for one love looking ahead at the distant and not so distant future. The following are our expectations for 2016:

The Construction Industry

Construction industry experts are predicting continued growth through 2016; however, they are expressing reservations due to a lack of qualified workers. Many of the great contractors we regularly deal with are echoing this sentiment.

M&A activity is likely to remain elevated as expressed by the Engineering & Construction industry experts at PriceWaterhouseCoopers who aremain optimistic that deal activity in the E&C sector will continue at a brisk pace.a

As per several real estate professionals, the NYC real estate market will continue to grow, but perhaps at a less aggressive pace as compared to 2015.

Building Envelope Restoration

We anticipate continued growth in the Building Envelope Restoration industry as confidence in the economy grows and as deferred maintenance becomes a larger priority. In New York City, the pending end of sub-cycle A and the start of sub-cycle B of the 8th cycle of the FISP (formerly Local Law 11/98) inspections will lead to significant activity in facade restoration, which often incorporates the restoration of other components of the building envelope.

In addition to restoration of older structures, we have observed a rise in restoration of new construction . Unfortunately, we anticipate that this trend will continue through 2016 as many of the inferior workmanship and materials used during the construction boom at the start of the century begin to fail prematurely.

The use of drones and aerial photography has been gaining momentum for several years. With the developments of recent new regulations in New York City and other urban environments, I anticipate that 2016 will be a critical year for the potential use of drones for professional services in building envelope restoration and other aspects of construction, as well as real estate and other similar fields.

Looking Ahead to 2016

To maximize the benefit of all building envelope projects, Owners should see the benefits of a capital improvement plan and recognize the importance of an accurate FISP report, choosing the right contractor and selecting the right product or system.

Sullivan Engineering

At Sullivan Engineering, our backlog for 2016 indicates significant growth. Over the past two years, we have been preparing for this growth by: ensuring that all technical aspects of our business surpass the highest industry standards, by developing a solid leadership team using the EOS model, by increasing our talent pipeline of prospective qualified candidates to join our team, and by developing a thorough training process for all new and current team members.

We have enhanced our long term (30 year) vision for our firm and are regularly updating the more immediate 3 year and 1 year pictures to ensure we are headed in the right direction.

We are working with a new marketing team to develop a new website which will be launched in the Spring. The site will provide more information about our firm and will also be an excellent educational tool for clients, contractors and other industry professionals.

Undoubtedly, we will continue our voracious continuing education efforts to inspire the constant individual growth that has been so critical to our success thus far. We genuinely wish you all tremendous health, happiness and prosperity in 2016 and look forward to continuing our relationships through the next generation.

If you have any feedback on how we can continue to improve please share it with us; we would love to hear your thoughts

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