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By: Michael Frech

As the Delaware Valley Chapter’s incoming president, I attended a leadership conference offered by RCI, Inc last week. Initially RCI, Inc. was created as a non-profit organization to educate and provide certification to roof consultants. As the industry has changed, the non-profit organization has expanded to include education and certification in all aspects of the building envelope. They offer numerous certifications that are recognized industry wide and are often required in public project specifications.

To receive one of RCI’s certifications, a candidate must complete a lengthy application that is reviewed and approved by RCI prior to the applicant taking their certification test. RCI, Inc. awards consulting certifications in roofing as a Registered Roof Consultant (RRC), waterproofing as a Registered Waterproofing Consultant (RWC), and exterior walls as a Registered Exterior Wall Consultant (REWC.) A Registered Building Envelope Consultant (RBEC) has received all three certifications.

A certified consultant must attend 12 hours of approved continuing education courses within the calendar year to keep their certifications valid. This requirement is extremely valuable to the building envelope consulting field because these seminars expose consultants to new products, the latest technology, and industry developments and trends.

During a standard building envelope survey, consultants can encounter materials and methods that were used decades ago, along with repairs or restorations that were performed more recently. The consultant must be familiar with the older materials and methods of the original construction, the new restoration design and techniques, and how they interact. Clients can rest assured that their RCI, Inc. certified Consultant is professional, knowledgeable and experienced.

In areas such as California, the southeast United States, and eastern Canada, the local chapters of RCI, Inc. have grown steadily. Many national clients and government entities in these regions request or require that hired consultants have RCI, Inc. certifications. No matter the location of your building(s), please be aware of the experience and knowledge required for these designations when selecting your next Building Envelope Consultant.

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