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As we all know, 2014 has been a very difficult year for exterior restoration. In the winter, if it wasn’t too cold to work, it seems like it snowed. The spring similarity was difficult. So what’s in store for the summer? According to the Farmer’s Almanac, it appears that the summer will be rainier and warmer than normal, with the hottest periods in early June, early to mid-July and early to mid-August.

Please see details below for the Summer of 2014, including June, July and August:

JUNE 2014: Temp 74 ° (3° above avg.); precipitation 3” (1” below avg.).
1-6 Showers, thens sunny, hot.
7-11 A few t-storms, turning cool.
12-16 Rainy periods, cool north; sunny, warm south.
17-23 T-storms then sunny, hot.
24-30 Scattered showers.

JULY 2014: Temp 76° (avg.); precipitation 6” (2″ above avg.).
1-7 Scattered t-storms.
8-11 Sunny, hot.
12-15 Showers, cool north; thunderstorms, warm south.
16-19 Thunderstorms then sunny, cool.
20-28 Thunderstorms, very warm and humid.
29-31 Sunny, warm.

AUGUST 2014: Temp. 76° (2° above avg.). Precipitation 4” (avg.).
1-6 T-storms, then sunny, pleasant.
7-12 Scattered t-storms, hot and humid.
13-16 Sunny, cool.
17-21 T-storms then sunny, cool.
22-25 Sunny, hot.
26-31 Scattered t-storms, warm.

“September and October will be warmer and drier than normal, with a hurricane threat in early to mid-September.” (1)
Details for the fall months will be released in the August Newsletter.

(1) The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2014

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