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Sullivan Engineering would like to remind all building owners/managers that the snowfall can be particularly hazardous on roof systems when ice forms at the drains. The recent record snowfall combined with the forecasted rain and warmer weather may become problematic if the runoff can not reach clogged drains

We recommend that all building owners/managers inspect all roof drains and clear ice that may cause an obstruction to the flow of quickly melting snow and rainfall. It is important to ensure that roof and balcony drains are properly inspected and cleared this week.

We also recommend that building owners/managers visually inspect your façade to see if you have any potentially hazardous snow/icicle conditions. If it is possible, it may be advisable to remove these conditions in a controlled and safe manner otherwise all necessary precautions to protect the public should be taken (this may include cordoning off sections of sidewalks or walkways).

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