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It’s been one year since the first issue of this newsletter and the first public declaration of Sullivan Engineering’s commitment. This milestone is a good opportunity to examine that commitment, see how we are doing and make sure we stay on course.

As stated in the first newsletter:
Our mission is to become a leader in the building envelope consulting field by providing thorough, honest and detailed engineering services that consistently exceed the client’s expectations. Sullivan Engineering combines prior experience with continued education and research to incorporate new proven technologies with tried & true industry practices. We are committed to continually imparting these philosophies into every aspect of our services.

As experts in all aspects of building envelope restoration, Sullivan Engineering assists property managers and owners for residential, commercial and institutional facilities with the analysis of the existing conditions as well as recommended repairs, maintenance or upgrades. Our comprehensive design services include the combination of high performance materials with meticulous repair details to ensure the longevity of the restoration effort.


At Sullivan Engineering we believe in establishing a cohesive team effort between the engineer, owner and contractor on each project. As a result, we are able to obtain the desired project outcome while minimizing cost overruns, delays and disputes. To create this cohesive unit we believe in open and honest communication between all parties and full transparency with all project documentation.

“exceeding our clients expectations”
Repeat clients account for 70% of our active projects; therefore it appears the we are accomplishing our goal. Our honesty and integrity have been noted by several of our clients and our thorough and detailed engineering documents are commended by clients and contractors alike.

“tried & true industry practices”

Using testing apparatus that we have fabricated, based on industry standards, and customized for specific applications, we remain dedicated to the philosophy of combining new proven technology with tried & true industry practice. The extensive research that we perform on all of the materials that we specify, or more importantly those that we do not specify, is another example of this commitment

“full transparency”
By providing thorough communication throughout the project and a close-out package at the end of all construction administration projects, we ensure full transparency for all parties involved. The close-out package, which includes copies of all formal correspondence throughout the project as well as many other relevant documents, was intended to be a valuable tool for future maintenance; however, it is quickly becoming recognized as a benefit for accounting purposes, Management\Board transitions and future budget preparation as well.

Thank you for allowing us to take a minute to pat ourselves on the back, (it only happens once a year). If you have any suggestions for how we can better serve our clients, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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