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According to the Forbes 2020 team, which was established to identify trends and speculate on life in the year 2020, 20% of all food consumed in U.S. cities will be produced on rooftops and in parking lots. This seems like a very ambitious prediction considering that 2018 is a little over 7 years away. In addition to the rising shipping costs. the team referencesA food security and water wars as additional support for increased interest in urban farming.

For anyone that is following the green roofing industry, and\or has attended green roofing seminars, including events organized by the leading industry organization, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, this trend is becoming more and more popular. Several rooftop farms have been installed on buildings in Brooklyn and Long Island City. If these farms begin to flourish we may see an increased level of interest in rooftop farming in the New York Metro area.

It will be interesting to see how this trend plays out. If the prediction is only half right that would still be a significant change in food production.

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