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Now is a great time to evaluate the condition of window mounted air conditioning units. Any residents\occupants that would be affected by the removal or adjustments to the units are less likely to cause friction when they know that they are not likely to need the unit for six months. Improperly secured window a\c unit’s create a potentially catastrophic unsafe condition, damage to the window frame and result in unnecessary air and water infiltration. The presence of snow and ice will only exacerbate these issues.

Facade Inspection Program
As part of any comprehensive facade inspection program, window mounted air conditioners should be evaluated thoroughly. All suspect units should be immediately removed or properly secured. Building Owners\Managers should perform this task at least once per year and before any required facade inspections.

Under New York City’s rule 32-03 Periodic Inspections of Walls and Appurtenances (formerly Local Law 11\98); inspectors are required to list window mounted air conditioners as an unsafe condition if they are not supported by proper exterior diagonal brackets or interior angles attached to the structure of the building, not the window frame. Regardless of whether or not a building is governed by the  aforementioned requirements; it is good practice to follow the NYCDOB guidelines for window-mounted air conditioner installation.

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